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We offer a simple and straight forward way to sell your collection for quick cash at a fair price. Often better than other buyers.  

CCG Types: We are currently only accepting Magic the gathering. Pokemon and Yugioh coming soon.


How does it work:

  1. Go to Starcitygames to see how much your collection is worth (singles or sealed boxes)

  2. Create a list of any card listed at $5 or more in the buy list

  3. Submit your list to get your confirmation number

  4. Mail it to us

  5. Get paid up 10% higher than the buy list price via Paypal, check or bank transfer with 24hr of approval

That's it, simple and straightforward.

Why sell to us

In partnership with Creative Gaming Events, we will put 3% of our profits aside to hold free events at local gaming stores through out the Country. Please write down your LGS on your submission form. We are strong supporters of the local gaming stores, without them this industry would not be what it is today.


You are responsible for shipping. We strongly suggest you purchase insurance on any transaction over $500. We only use FedEx when shipping collections back. We charge exactly what FedEx charges, there is no added fees. You may also use your own FedEx account.

Ship to:


17068 Saturn ln

Houston TX, 77058

Remember to submit your list BEFORE you ship to receive your confirmation number


  • No foreign cards

  • Played cards will pay at the lower price

  • Boxes must be factory sealed

  • We reserve the right to refuse any submission that doesn't meet our requirements

  • Collections from smoking environments will paid at a lower price

  • Confirmation number is required with every submission. Your collection may be rejected or significant payment delays will take place without a confirmation number

If you live in Houston you can sell us your collection in person (by appointment only). Email us to set up an appointment

Interested on having the option to buy back your collection for the same price?* check out our buy-back program?

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