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Step into a world of thrilling action and enigmatic adventure with your own copy of Valiant Comics' The Visitor Birthquake #4! This issue, part of the gripping Birthquake storyline, finds our mysterious hero in a clash that could alter the course of history itself.


Don't miss your chance to own a piece of comic book history! The Visitor Birthquake #4 is a must-have for enthusiasts and collectors alike, offering not just a story, but a gateway to the rich, expansive universe of Valiant Comics.


Whether you’re looking to revisit this intriguing narrative or hoping to complete your Birthquake series, this comic is guaranteed to be a valuable addition.


Secure your copy today and join The Visitor in a timeless battle that’s beautifully captured by Valiant’s signature dynamic artwork and compelling storytelling. Your adventure awaits!



Valiant Comics The Visitor Birthquake #4

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