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Step into a universe of interstellar adventure and timeless battles between good and evil with ROM Spaceknight #31! This treasured issue from the classic Marvel series, released in April 1982, continues the saga of ROM, the greatest of the Spaceknights, in his relentless pursuit to rid the world of the sinister Dire Wraiths.


This copy is in good condition, showcasing vibrant cover art that captivates the eye, with minimal wear preserving the rich colors and intricate details. The pages within are clean and intact, ensuring that every panel from Bill Mantlo’s compelling storytelling and Sal Buscema’s dynamic illustrations is enjoyed as intended.


Ideal for both seasoned collectors and new enthusiasts, this comic is a piece of history from an era celebrated for its creativity and impact in the comic book world. Don't miss your chance to own a piece of this cosmic legend. Enhance your collection and embark on a journey with ROM, where duty and honor transcend time and space.



ROM Spaceknight #31

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