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This what you get:


1.- 4 vintage boosters (at least 10 years old)

2.- 2 recent boosters (under 3 years old)

2.- 2 random Foil rares or foil promos

3.- 1 random rare

4.- 10 random rares


THERE IS SHORTAGE OF Vintage boosters everywhere, prices continue to skyrocket and this product might hit $250 in the coming weeks! Buy now before prices continue to go up.


Do not buy this if you expect to get specific packs. These are random and the value might be less than what you paid for. In most cases you will get the same value or more, but not always. Please understand this before you buy. 


From the folks that brought you the most popular mtg random booster auction , here is a vintage version with killer old school cards.


MTG Singles range from revise to current in LP to NM

Magic Random VINTAGE booster pack x4 Plus 2 Recent Boosters